The Bomb Shelter Was Not Completed In Time.

David hid in his father's incomplete homemade bomb shelter with his family when the first raids took place on Norwich.

His father was an architect and had built the shelter for his small family. Big enough for a family of four – it’s probably 7 feet by 4 feet.

It was built in the large garden and hidden from the house. He was a local architect who wanted to use his own design rather than the mass-produced “Anderson” with the iron corrugated roof.

[See what another resident found in the back garden of his new house in Norwich - after he had moved in!? Clue : It begins "A" and ends with "n".]

Once you discover the entrance you have to walk down the rather wide concrete steps from the garden. You then enter the small chamber, which has one small window in the opposite wall.

Battle Over Bomb Shelter

David’s father had not quite completed it when the first bombs dropped on Norwich.

He confided in me that at the age of 13 he used to be quite excited about the bombing raids over Norwich.

While sheltering with his family, magnesium incendiary bombs would rain down on his garden.

When all was clear he would run around putting out the fires with sand bags.

With his vivid imagination my 7 year old has gone some way to depicting what an air raid scene looked like at that time.

Looking out from the shelter you notice a very attractive house next door.

Years after the war the next-door neighbours, who were having their roof re-thatched, made an interesting discovery.

A magnesium bomb - intact - had lived out the rest of the war and a few years of peace time, nestling secretly in their thatched roof.

On one night during the air raids a fireman called around for assistance. One of Davids neighbors had a bomb land on her house and she was asking for a cup of tea to drink while watching her house burn down.

As for the bomb shelter, David now stores his apples there. Their flavour is preserved perfectly in the cold atmosphere and he says they keep well up until Christmas and sometimes well into the new year.

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