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Can you see why your listing in the Builder Online Directory can help you draw more interested visitors?

Many visitors to this site are interested in practical ways to maintain and improve their homes - which often means finding someone like you to help them in all sorts of ways.

How can you become more visible to these people searching for a local builder?

When you have completed your listing we will optimize it for the keywords your visitors are using to find you.

Say... a visitor is looking for a builder in your area and they see your listing near the top of the search engine results.

They click and they are through to your page. And they see not just a few words that you see in other directories but a whole page devoted to you and your building business - with pictures too! All this on what they see is a very respectable relevant building website - I hope you think so too.

Because they have had a chance to read your page your visitor now knows a bit more about you and feels comfortable contacting you. When they turn into a satisfied customer they can leave positive feedback on your page that future customers will enjoy reading.

Can you see the way it works?

What will you get for your free listing in the Builder Online Directory?

  • You will have your very own attractively produced advert on a popular and relevant building website.
  • You will have as much space as you need to impress your visitors.
  • You only have to answer the questions in the box and we will handle the rest.
  • You can include up to four pictures.
  • No registering, no username, no password and no cost.
  • This will always be a small, friendly and personalized directory. If you search for "how to build a house" it can be found quite high up in the search engines.

  • Your page will be optimized with the search engines for your local town or city.
  • Your satisfied customers can respond on the same page as your advert for future customers to see.

But you must remember something very important.

I have only LIMITED number of hours in the day and if each submission takes an hour you can see that I can only offer free submissions to a handful of enquirers.

I look forward to entering your business in the Builder Online Directory.

Best Wishes Hardwin

Writing Your Advert Is Very Easy!

Just answer the questions in the box below. If you are using your own prepared advert instead, you can erase the questions or use them to stimulate more ideas.

Please make sure you include your contact details and try to aim for a minimum of 300 words.

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