What Fire Wood Should You Use For The New Wood Stove?

Once the chimney is built and the wood-burning stove is put in you can start to think about what fuel to use.

In the past maybe you have used seasoned fire wood delivered by the load. Our stove can supply 5 kW of heat using 14” logs. But stoves can supply up to 8kW and more. If you are using firewood find the best length for your stove and insist that your logs are cut to that length.

I have never been totally satisfied that the seasoning procedure was thorough enough. The logs which come from Norwich and surrounding areas would always feel damp and heavy while the deliverymen would always try to reassure me. But I remained unconvinced.

One alternative is wood briquettes. These we get from a well known joinery company in Norwich. Sawdust, which is waste from joineries, is compressed to cylindrical ‘logs’ about 3” diameter. No glue is needed to hold them together – it’s just sawdust.

The briquettes are considered eco friendly -

  • No trees are felled directly for their production.
  • They burn hot and leave very little ash.
  • 100% renewable energy.

I find these ideal, but my wife still likes foraging for firewood on her walks.

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