How To Build A Fire.
If You Know Please Share It!

My partner knows how to build a fire. I have always secretly envied her for the way she goes about it. She is more than happy to rekindle the stove first thing in the morning or light it from cold as if she’s done it all her life. And what makes it worse - she comes to it with such enthusiasm.

Are you an expert in how to build a fire? Or do you believe it’s a gift only given to a chosen few? Please let us know how you do it. Or how you fail to do it. Please share your story; many of us would love to hear from you.

I recall my failed attempts with a sense of anxious trepidation. So even now I am never sure if it’s going to work.

How to build a fire:

  • Decide whether it is cold enough first and maybe put on another layer of clothes instead.
  • If it is absolutely necessary to light a fire first open up the air inlets of the stove.
  • Select about four sheets of newspaper.
  • Loosely crumple two of them and lay one on top of another on the stove ash.
  • Roll up the other two and tie each in a loose knot. Lay them on top of the first two. They will burn more slowly than the crumpled ones.
  • Now lay on the twigs if there are any. If not try an egg carton or any sort of small kindling.
  • Place at least one dry log on top of the kindling. I often use two or three wood briquettes.
  • Now light the crumpled newspaper in two or three places and wish very hard!

Sometimes this doesn’t work of course. You can actually see and hear it happen. The paper may decide to go out by itself. The twigs don’t catch fire or they burn up too soon. The briquettes may go clunk as they roll away at the last moment causing me to burn my hands as I try to hurriedly correct the situation.

I know the experts use less newspaper, fewer twigs and only one log. That’s why they are experts.

How To Build A Fire? A Big Question For Many Of Us.

Have you got your own special way to do it, which works? OR have your efforts never born fruit? Many of us may have been shown before how to build a fire but does the advice stick? Either way please share it - we would love to hear from you.

Another thing to remember is banking up the fire at night. Just before going to bed add more logs to the fire, cover with ash and close up all the air vents.

By reducing the amount of air you are slowing down the action of the fire. It will burn slowly through the long night and keep the room warm.

In the morning open the vents and the doors. If the fire is burning well just add more logs. If the fire is sluggish gently remove the layer of ash and sprinkle a thin layer of sawdust or kindling over the hot area before adding logs. If very sluggish remove the ash and lay the fire as if from cold. That is, newspaper - twigs - logs.

The fire shouldn't need a match and will come back to life in a few minutes.

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