A One World Currency Proposal

A New Concept Of Money For A Fairer World

It's a one world currency and I am calling it the Human Value Unit (HVU). It's a new concept of money, the aim of which is no less than to put the world right for all of mankind.

Not money based on gold or any form of slavery of man by man, but money based on human life itself. That is:

One day’s cheap food for one person should be the money unit.

Formula: 1 HVU = 10 mega joules of Staple Diets

This is a fixed inflation-proof anchor for our currency. I call it the Human Value Unit with good reason. As a universal currency it should eventually open up the whole world in every country to investment and free world trade on a level playing field.

Money as Human Value Units is shaped to be the one single humane and scientific fixed one world currency for the future of all mankind.

As stated above, it is to use a unit of currency equal to one day’s cheap food for one person, (its human relevance). The Human Value Unit is defined as 10 mega joules of energy in the cheap food of the staple diet in every country.

Finally it must constantly hold a similar mean retail price in Human Value Units and never be corrupted or altered in its permanency. This is the true unit of human value; this is The Human Value Unit - 10mj of cheap food.

There then is the proposal for an inflation proof anchor for a single one world currency. This is the money upon which to build the true science of humane world trade, commerce and economy.

Using this new unit is the necessary way to put the world right, not for greed but for the good life of all of mankind and the recovery of the ecology of our planet earth. Very soon this has to be acted upon.

PS. Misunderstanding, fear or hatred is unhelpful. I do apologise if anything here has offended anyone.

Mahrus Stuart – inventor of the Human Value Unit - died several years ago. He had friends from all walks of life and was an intelligent and passionate man who was outspoken on many issues of the time.

He was particularly interested the Human Value Unit and many of his friends and colleagues are convinced that it can be of huge benefit to the world. 

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