Use My Roof Area Calculator - And See How Much You Can Earn!

To find the actual area of your gable roof you can always use this unusual roof area calculator method. It saves you climbing up a ladder to get your roof measurements because it can be done at ground level.

Recently there are many homeowners who wish to take advantage of the government's solar panel rebate by installing solar panels on their roofs.

To calculate how much income your roof can generate you need to know the area of your roof.

One way to estimate the area of your roof is to first:

1) Look at the angle on the gable end.

2) Match it with the shape on the chart below to select your roof number.

3) Multiply the roof number by half the width of the house.

4) Write your answer in Box 1.

5) Measure the length of your house.

6) Write your answer in Box 2.

7) Multiply Box 1 by Box 2. (Optional because this calculation is done for you later)

Now transfer the numbers in Box 1 and Box 2 into the boxes below.

You will now see in detail the revenue you will generate from your roof and the overall payback time. The calculation is based on the shape of your roof and finding your roof number to obtain a quick solution. The steeper your roof the greater the roof number. Remember: Enter your Box1 and Box2 numbers like this...

... "and has Box1 x Box2 metres of space available for panels".


Provided courtesy of Solar Guide. An in-depth resource of information about the feed-in tariff and renewable heat incentive.

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