This Simple House Was Built
Using Clay From Our Pit.

Norwich Builder. Hardwin Osborne

This old photograph shows a simple house with a young mother and two children - and a dog - standing outside.

Simple House Made From Clay

My son calls it a mud house. It’s a clay lump or cob house and it was built from the clay taken from where our pond is now.

The Pond Was Formed When The Clay Was Taken Out.

I met the two children when they were very old. The younger of the two who lives in a village close by allowed me to copy this photo of his family.

One stormy night the wind was blowing hard as they do up here. The roof of this simple building had not been in good condition for some time and the storm brought it down.

Fortunately for them the family saw this coming and in the middle of the night they took up their belongings and walked across where my land is now, into a newly built house the other side.

This could have been in 1933 when the new houses were being built.

In the 2nd World War several years later US Air Force Pilots were stationed nearby. The story goes that they would come to the pond for recreation. In fact when the pond dried up from time to time my neighbour remembers seeing a gun in the pond - years later.

Stories do fly about in this small village of Hapton. One day while out training three American aircraft collided over Hapton. I am not sure of any casualties but one aircraft - as it was crash landing - brushed the roof of Church House down the road and caught it on fire. The fireman used water from our pond to put it out. The Americans paid for the rebuilding of the house.

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