Site Build It Review – Explaining The Magic

SBI is a place of learning, friendly support and success stories.

This Site Build It review explains why sitesell and all SBI owners are like an extended family for my partner and me.

With their help we can:

1) Write about interesting topics.

2) Edit our own pictures.

3) Write our own blogs and newsletters.

After a chat I might say to Caroline, 'Let’s write a blog', and we will do it straight away. It’s there for the world to see. No fuss - no bother.

The SBI Forums are informative beyond words because you link with so many people. You feel your website is already growing.

People are very helpful. They ask lots of questions. They agonize and rejoice. Get frustrated and then say I’ve “got” it!

But one thing is for sure. You are all in it together, doing what you want to do, supported by Ken Evoy and his team.

Among all the tools to help you it's got a brainstorming module that produces all the profitable keywords you need to write your page. Just make sure you have your carefully selected keywords on the page. Press “Build It” and see it go live almost instantly. “BrainStormIt” should have a health warning – it’s addictive.

How are we doing? Caroline’s doing well on about 200 visitors each day - and improving all the time. In fact she seems to improve her visitors and income without having to do much at all. I can recommend her liver flush drink. I’m a late starter with 25 to 35 visitors a day – and growing each month.

The results page tells you where your visitors come from and how many are visiting each page.

You may write five pages a day or one a week. In the overall scheme of things it doesn’t seem to matter. SBI becomes part of your lifestyle - and part of you. That’s what I am trying to say. It helps us to express ourselves outwards into the world.

So we give it our thumbs up.

In a very short time you can be turning out professional looking web pages. No knowledge of HTML required. The instructions are clear and supportive.

As this Solo Build It Review explains - we are living our passion and developing what we trust will become a successful business.

How To Build A House.