Solar Panel Rebate? Find Your Roof Area First.

Norwich Builder, Hardwin Osborne Investigates The Solar Panel Rebate Scheme.

The Feed-In-Tariff is offering an intriguing deal to improve your carbon footprint. I've reecently heard that EON are offering solar energy in your home for £99.

This system has the funding of the EU and means that the average payback could be less than 1 year or less.

What do you get?

  • Free Daytime electricity for 25 years.*

  • Fully installed for £99.

  • Monitored system maintained for 25 years.

  • Savings on electricity average £250 p.a.

  • *Average payback in less than one year.

    So this could be a way for the not-so-well-off to start benefiting from cheap electricity. But you have to keep in mind that:

    1) Capturing that daytime electricity may be tricky.


    2) Any electricity that you generate and don't use will profit someone else.

    3) Your system will not be owned by you.

    4) The value of your house will not rise as much if you don't own the system.

    If you are in a position to pay for your panels outright then you will own the system and the maths makes more sense.

    When your system is producing more electricity than is needed, any surplus will be exported to the grid, and you the owner, will be paid for it - over the next 25 years!

    Using this roof area calculator you will be able to approximate the area of your gable roof without having to climb a ladder to do it and then calculate the return on your investment.

    You as the house holder could benefit by as much as a 10% yearly return on your investment. If you decide to sell, your house will have more value as a future buyer will see benefit from cheaper electricity and extra income.

    Keep an open mind about the feed-in tariffs. At least one person is not happy.

    Alright - inspite of the imperfections and lack of government foresight. Have you found a better deal? Let us know.

    Innovative Feed-In Offers?

    Can you tell us about any good offers - or scams - using the feed-in tariff or otherwise? Please share it. And if you can add contact numbers - all the better!

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