Straw Bale Construction
Together With The Family.

By Norwich Builder, Hardwin Osborne

A straw bale construction is a great way to bring family and friends together.

Children and adults love it for the fun and potential - as you can see. Learning how to build an alternative garden shed has created quite a stir in this small Norfolk village.

How To Build A Shed Using Straw Bale.

The local farmer obliged us with a delivery of over 100 bales from his farm down the road.

My brother and sister in law were happy to muck in with the shed foundation. Messing about with old used tyres certainly kept us busy.

Peter, a Norwich builder who also works as a chef in a local restaurant, took over at this stage. Working with friends we were able to build up the walls and insert doors and window openings. All in a weekend.

I was left with the task of putting the roof on. And when all was finished, the local primary school arranged a visit to explore this new attraction.

How you position the bales is so important.

If you look at the shed plans you will see I used whole bales at the corners. This adds strength and integrity to the structure. Any part bales are used nearer the centre of the walls.

Two doors can be useful. one door for the mower and garden tools - the other for cycles. The window bucks are so deep there has never been a good reason to glaze them.

If you would like some ideas for your own project look at the plans and pictures I've got for you.


Door And Window Bucks [Frames]

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