Straw Bale Construction
Wide Door Bucks For Thick Walls.

By Norwich Builder, Hardwin Osborne

For your straw bale can use several doors and windows. In our case, we used two doors and three windows.

Make your doors tall and narrow. A narrow opening will encourage an even finish over the top of the door when you allow the straw bale to settle. A tall door because you will need the extra headroom when you step up into the doorway.

What's unique to straw bale is

Door Bucks Ready For Using.

the door and window frames or ‘bucks’. Door Buck In Position Each buck is made from 10” by 2” sawn timber and are made using two identical frames screwed together with three straight brackets on either side.

This will make a complete 20” deep buck. The same width as a straw bale. Brace it to keep it square.

The best place to position the door frames is at least one bale length in from the corner.

Place them directly onto the tyres, using a length of felt in between to protect the wood from damp. Prop each door buck up with lengths of timber to keep it vertical.

When you build up the straw bale walls – you want them 4” or 5” higher than the bucks to allow for settlement.

These deep window bucks are made the same way as the door bucks - from two identical frames screwed together using straight brackets. I’ve used 10” by 2” sawn timber.

Make them as tall and narrow as you can.

· Tall because they let in more light than wide windows of the same area.

· Narrow because the walls will settle more evenly over a narrow window.

My windows are rather wide. Allow at least 6” above the windows to allow for compression.

Put the roof on, the weight bearing bale walls will settle – maybe taking a few months. You want the walls to settle evenly if you can.

Straw Bale Construction

Straw Bale Walls

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