Wood Heaters Fitted For A Simpler Lifestyle.

Stove Fitters In The Norwich Area. Hardwin Osborne and Brian White

Wood heaters create a wonderful focal point in your living room - and have all the ecological benefits of using wood as a fuel.

These 5kw small wood heaters can create enough warmth for the whole house particularly when it is placed at the centre of the house. Sheffield built - this cast iron wood stove has windows and a black finish.

I would recommend a stove that gives a little more heat than you normally need. For the occasional cold blast. 5kw is OK most of the time but at very little extra cost an 8kw would cope with the coldest winter nights.

Use fully seasoned logs or sawdust “briquettes”. These are made from compressed sawdust and always perfect for burning although probably a little more expensive than logs. You can get them delivered in 10kg bags and often work out cheaper in large deliveries of 50 bags.

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